Lux Pool & Spa FAQ

What Makes Lux Pool & Spa Unique?

Let us be the first to acknowledge that there are some fantastic pool builders in the region.  We can say with certainty that if you call any of these great pool company’s they will surely sell you a great pool!  Heck- That is what they do! they are Pool Builders and darn good at it!   

What makes us different is that we are not here to sell you a pool but instead create a transformation to how your family and friends will create memories in your backyard. 

Our experience has shown that most homeowners purchase a pool and do not realize that there are significant costs associated with their inground pool which are commonly not included.  Also, we find that many pool buyers do not take into consideration that most of the time spent in their backyard takes place outside of the pool.  Unfortunately, by the time this comes to light, budgets are maxed, and buyer fatigue is high.   

 We believe that if you are going to make an investment in an Inground Pool of any shape or size, it is Imperative that you have certainty in your investment.  

Our approach is simple.  We offer pre-designed outdoor living spaces combined with our very popular smaller-sized pools.  We do this so we can offer transparency in budget expectations at the onset of the process eliminating frustration and disappointment down the road.  We offer a full array of designs to choose from that give your complete control over the scope of your work, and confidence knowing that we are by your side every step of the way.  For those looking for a custom design or perhaps a larger pool area, we are more than glad to assist in bringing that to fruition in the same seamless process.

What is a Cocktail Pool?

Sounds Interesting Right?  As you are probably imagining, Cocktail Pools are typically smaller than standard swimming pools.  Cocktail Pools are designed specifically to offer a spa-like experience with optional heated jets, built in bench seating and can even be combined with larger pools.  The smaller size makes them ideal for limited backyard spaces and offers the ability to be installed just about anywhere.   They can be installed above ground, semi-inground or inground.   They are designed to be more intimate with roughly a 3-4’ depth, creating the perfect tranquil and medicinal spa like experience.

What is a Plunge or Dip Pool?

Plunge or Dip Pools are also ideal for those not looking for a larger pool.  They can be very similar to a cocktail pool, however, typically offer a deeper “plunge” type experience ranging from 4-6’ in depth.  Plunge Pools are meant to be more active, allowing the perfect depth for aquatic exercise.  A Plunge or Dip Pool can range in size up to as large as 24’ long and often will have bench seats for entertaining.  They can be heated or cooled for the Cold Plunge experience! 

Can You use a Cocktail Pool or Spa Year-Round?

Absolutely!  That is the best part about our Cocktail, Inground Spas, and smaller plunge pools!  They can be fully insulated to extend your season and allow year-round use! 

What are the Benefits of a Cocktail or Plunge Pool?

Cocktail & Plunge Pools are excellent choice for homeowners with limited space, or simply the desire to have a pool without sacrificing the entire yard.  Some of the smaller Plunge or Cocktail pools are often installed in sunrooms or enclosed areas to offer a consistent environment for routine exercise and entertaining.  

What are the drawbacks of a plunge pool?

Plunge pools are primarily designed for smaller gatherings.  If your dream is for those bigger pool parties or perhaps a custom waterslide for hours of enjoyment for the kids, well then a Plunge Pool is not likely going to be the answer.  The good news is that larger custom inground pools have been our business for over three decades.  We are more than happy to take that journey with you!

Can a Plunge Pool have a Tanning Ledge?

Absolutely!  and there is no question that everybody loves a good tanning ledge!  Which is why we offer larger Plunge Pools with both internal and External Tanning Ledges!  

What are the benefits of a Tanning Ledge?

A Tanning Ledge or sometimes referred to as a “Sun Deck” are incorporated in inground pools to offer an area of shallow water ranging from 8-12” deep that is ideal for Lounge Chairs, kids play, or your furry babies!  Aqua Jets or Bubblers can be installed in the floor for a soothing sound and active water effects.

What are the Disadvantages of a Tanning Ledge or Sun Deck?

Internal or built in Tanning Ledges can typically add approximately 6-7 feet to the length of your pool.  This doesn’t seem like a lot, but if your property has limited space or setback issues it can become a factor to consider.   Which is why we are so excited to be able to offer External Tanning Ledge Option!  What this mean that the Tanning ledge can be incorporated on the Side of your Plunge Pool which creates improved traffic flow and design flexibility for your pool experience.  Best of all the External Tanning Ledges are slightly larger than the built-in approach, but also can be sectioned off to keep the kids or your pets from the main pool area.

Are Plunge Pools safe for your Pets?

I don’t know about your family pet, but mine absolutely loves to spend its time cooling down in any body of water it can find, including mud puddles!  Your Pool can be a wonderful place for your beloved family and pets to spend their summer.  However much like small children, not all dogs are good swimmers and therefore require supervision.  

Pets skin can become irritated by Chlorine, much like humans our eyes and skin can become aggravated if not washed off after a great day in the pool.  

A great advantage of a Fiberglass Pool is that your investment will be protected against any chance of your pets tearing a whole in the very expensive liner used in most traditional inground pools.

What types of Plunge Pools are being manufactured?

Great Question!  Plunge Pools not only come in many different shapes, sizes and options, but also in construction methods.  Today Plunge Pools can be range from Concrete, Vinyl, Steel, or Fiberglass.  Depending on the construction process, your Plunge Pool can be installed above-ground or Inground much like a traditional Inground Pool. 

What kind of Plunge Pool is better? Concrete, Fiberglass or Vinyl?

Over our three decades of building custom inground pool environments we have had firsthand experience with every construction method.  It is our position that there is no substitute to the Design Flexibility and customization offered with a Concrete or Gunite Pool.  However, not all homeowners are comfortable with the financial commitment to a custom Gunite Pool.  For this reason, we believe that the most versatile and durable solution is a Fiberglass Pool.  Our clients find the smooth multiple layer Gel Coat finish to be gentle and easy to keep clean while taking advantage of savings in chemical costs and costly liner replacement of vinyl pools.

What is available for automation for my Cocktail Pool or Plunge Pool?

Our state-of-the-art automation systems are designed to offer you the most flexibility and control of your inground pool right from the palm of your hand!  Our automation systems can link to other features such as accent lighting, auto covers, fire features and water features!

What is a “Cold Plunge”?

A growing and very popular health trend today is a cold plunge!  You will get the best of both worlds with our Cold Plunge Pools.  Whether you seek the brisk revitalization of a cold dip or the soothing comfort of a warm soak, We Offer a full line of Cold Plunge Pools outfitted with a chiller which will maintain temperatures as low as the mid 40 degrees!  It’s your oasis for unwinding, revitalizing, and embracing the transformative power of hydrotherapy.